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2014-10-14 21:07:28 by TheRef

your boy is in need of beats send me whatever idc 


2014-09-09 11:39:47 by TheRef

a poetry reading for those that appreciate poems

Looking for producers

2014-06-18 18:53:09 by TheRef

lets make some music 

laughing with old pals

2014-05-22 08:35:47 by TheRef

light the cigarette

inject the drug 

drive your car 

build your home 

go to your job 

laugh with your old pal 

not today baby

no today 

alot of works coming up

2014-05-03 14:19:34 by TheRef

lifeless eyes 

living lifesized lifes

death of a god, birth of a man

2014-04-11 04:08:04 by TheRef

Do you know what it means to be man
The want of greed power and lust
This is what it is to be man 
a man like me 
Ive lost who i was
who i was 
got me nowhere
I forsaken the old, the god, and the thought
The poem is dead
Blood and fury lives through me 
The fury of a thousand suns
That i cannot reach 
i am a man 
And as a man i am 
Heartless Mindless no god exists in me 
only the gods i see 
Only the breath they speak
My name as a bastard 
MY wrath as a king
This is my nature

i see what youve taken from us 

the people 

i see what youve given us

death, mercades, war, distractions, mcdonalds

and im loving it